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Pasture Fed Lamb

We only ever choose the best of a farmer's lamb - not necessarily all of their lamb - to ensure a premium product for you throughout the year. Learn more about our pasture fed lamb production.

Lamb Backstrap

AUD $16.80

Pasture Fed Lamb Premium Fillet Best cooked on the BBQ or pan fried Price per kilo $79.99 An average 210gm package contains 1 lamb back strap The eye of loin or backstrap is prepared from the shortloin and consists of the entire eye...

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Lamb Loin Chops

AUD $22.20

Pasture Fed Lamb Great chops for the family Best cooked on the BBQ or pan fried Price per kilo $36.99 An average 600gm package contains 6 chops Also known as Lamb T-bones, this chop is from the shortloin towards the back of...

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Lamb Rack

AUD $29.99

Pasture Fed Lamb Premium Lamb Roast Price per kilo is $59.99 An average rack of lamb is 500gms and includes 6 cutlets Try this quick and easy recipe for our Roasted Lamb Racks The rack is prepared from a side of lamb by the removal of the...

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Lamb Shanks

AUD $12.60

Best for slow cooked dishes Price per kilo $29.99 An average 420g package contains 2 lamb shanks  The shank is the section of meat and bone that sits above the knee joint and below the leg. Shanks are prepared from a...

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Lean Lamb Steaks

AUD $13.99

Pasture Fed Lamb Premium Small Lean Steaks Price per kilo $39.99 An average 300gm package contains 3 Lean Lamb Steaks Lamb steaks are prepared from a leg by following their natural seams and trimmed accordingly.  Click here to see...

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Side of Lamb

AUD $210.00 AUD $195.00

When Purchasing the Side of Lamb Pack today you will pay $195.00 and Saving $15.00 on the suggested cuts. Our Pasture Fed Sucker Lambs are a carcass weight of around 20kg, you can expect around 20-30% loss of weight in what you will receive due to Bone...

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Whole Leg of Lamb

AUD $74.17

Pasture Fed Lamb A Roast Leg of Lamb is great for a family roast Best slow cooked to medium rare Price per kilo $27.99 Average leg of lamb is 2.65 kilos The leg is prepared by the removal of the chump by a right angle cut at the back of...

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Buy Pasture Fed Lamb Online

Our pasture fed lamb comes from the Page Family's farm 'Stoneridge' based in the Hilltops region of NSW. Due to being grass-fed, Stoneridge pasture fed lamb is higher in omega 3 fatty acids, high in lineolic acids and lower in saturated fats. It also contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals than grain fed lamb found in feedlots and supermarkets, which means it is much better for you and your family's health. To learn more about the Page family visit their profile page.

Why Buy Pasture Fed Lamb Online from the Free Range Butcher?

Because we support local famers and select only the very best pasture fed lamb to ensure you are buying a premium product.