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Richard Page

Richard Page, Monteagle NSW - Grass Fed Lamb Farmer

Richard Page, Monteagle NSW

Grass Fed Lamb Farmer

The property Stoneridge has been in our family for four generations spanning nearly 100 years. Over this time it has seen many incarnations, from being part of a large family concern covering three properties from Forbes to Young in NSW, breeding racehorses, stud cattle, grazing and cropping to different degrees, it is now run by our family of five. Based in the Hilltops region of NSW, also known as the South West Slopes, just North of Young we enjoy a temperate climate with cold frosty winters and hot dry summers.

Sustainable farming

During the drought years from 2000 to 2008, we had to make some major changes to the way we were farming and we decided to change our practices to a more natural system. This led to us moving away from cropping to a grazing focused business. Training in Holistic Management, Ecological Agriculture and Low-Stress Stock Handling has given us the tools and knowledge to change our systems to a sustainable regenerative system.

Today we run a merino ewe flock of about 3000 ewes and produce first cross lambs with quality White Suffolk sires. These are managed in a controlled grazing system where we move stock regularly so they always have fresh pastures and the land is well rested and recovered before being grazed again. In this system the soils regenerate naturally with little input from us.

Food for health

We are passionate about eating the best food for our health and now can offer the same level of care for others who share our passion. We believe that knowing where your food comes from is a vital part of eating right. In days gone by everyone had a connection with the land that produced their food, and today we want to be that connection for our customers.

Premium, natural Lamb

Stoneridge71 Lamb is a premium product grown in the Hilltops Region of NSW. Our lambs are all born and raised here on chemical free pastures with a focus on their health and well-being. We concentrate on ensuring our soils are as healthy as possible by using grazing management techniques that ensure all land has time to recover from each grazing and use only organic inputs to allow the soil organisms to flourish. This means the grasses that we grow are healthy and strong which in turn gives our animals a highly nutritious diet producing meat that is itself healthy, nutritious and natural.

Farming as nature intended

The different seasons, from cold frosty winters to hot dry summers, gives our lambs a great diversity of feed during the year. As all our lambs are grass-fed and finished, with no added feed, the flavour changes with the season as the grass that they feed on changes. All our lambs are born during spring which gives them the best possible start in life as this is when we have an abundance of feed.

Unlike supermarkets we don’t aim to have every lamb exactly the same as the last, they change as the seasons and feed changes and this is normal in a grass-fed grazing system. The size, colour, texture, tenderness and flavour will change throughout the year which is ‘as nature intended’.

Better for our animals, better for you

Being a family owned and run business we are small enough to be able to spend time with our animals practising low stress stock handling techniques. This means that our stock are not exposed to stressful situations such as bulk livestock carriers and saleyards where stock can spend extended periods away from food and water. By transporting them ourselves we can ensure that our animals are not exposed to these stressful periods.

Due to being grass-fed our lamb is higher in omega 3 fatty acids, high in lineolic acids and lower in saturated fats it also contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals than grain fed lamb found in feedlots and supermarkets. This means it is much better for you and your family’s health.