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Our Animals

Our idea of Free Range is animals in the open, feet on the ground, eating grass and sleeping under trees. Essentially an animal free to do as it pleases and display its natural behaviours.

The animals on our farm are out in the open as nature intended. To keep them healthy we use as many natural preventative measures as we can. By regularly moving our livestock to fresh new paddocks we minimise the transfer and cycle of worms and parasites. The animals are given preventative treatments at certain times of the year, or as the seasons dictate. This is no different to treating your pet at home...except we have more of them! All animals are hormone free and we have local vets on call to treat sick animals.

We believe because our animals are less stressed our product tastes better. Or, as we say, Happiness Tastes Better!

All our animals are Grass Fed and Finished.

We are passionate about Free Range, Grass Fed Beef for two major reasons; It offers a better quality of life for the animal, and is the most ethical and sustainable way to produce meat.

Our Grass Fed Beef

We have a base herd of Angus cows and recently we have been purchasing Shorthorn heifers to add to our Angus herd. We are now using Shorthorn bulls and a Wagyu bull across our heifers. We also run a small herd of pure Wagyu cows and calves. During the year we do source beef from neighbours and other local farmers, either buying weaners or finished animals weighing around the 400kg mark. Our aim is to provide first class meat all year around and we work with other local farmers to provide this to our customers under our specifications. Our aim is not to sell you all our meat, but instead the best meat our district can supply.

We are passionate about Free Range, Grass Fed Beef for two major reasons; It offers a better quality of life for the animal, and is the most ethical and sustainable way to produce meat; and Research shows that beef from grass fed cattle is leaner and better for you, with higher omega 3-6 ratios and a long list of trace elements gained from the soil and grasses which is lacking in grain fed products.

You can read more about the benefits of Grass Fed Meat here.

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Our Free Range, Pasture Fed Pigs live in paddocks are filled with native grasses including red grass, ryes and clovers.

Our Free Range, Pasture Fed Pigs

Our Pasture Fed Pork is all Free Range and finished outside with a diet including pastures and grasses. Regular pork supply comes from our own farm and Oakleigh Free Range Pork. Our pigs are totally Free Range from birth to when they reach finishing weight. We rotate the pigs between paddocks on a regular basis, and our paddocks are filled with native grasses including red grass, ryes and clovers. If the season allows, we will finish our grower pigs on pastures of oats, lucene or forage sorghum crops. They are fed a ration of pellets which are made for us by a local mill. The protein level varies at different stages of growth. The pigs are kept in groups of between 10 and 20 pigs of similar weights, allowing them to live happily and display their natural behaviours. Our sows farrow in the paddocks in shelters during the summer months and in the winter a smaller designed shed / yard complex gives them freedom of movement and protection from our harsh winter climate. We do not use farrowing crates, nor contain or restrict the pig’s movement in any way.

  • Best Individual Ribbon Award - Suckling Pig Competition 2015
  • Second Prize Award - Porker Pig Competition 2015

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Seasonal rains dictate where we source our lamb from.

Our Pasture Fed Lambs

We run a base herd of 2000 fine wool merino ewes. Previously we have supplied 1st and 2nd cross lambs from our farm but since the purchase of our pigs we have moved away from prime lambs and are sourcing lambs from our neighbours and other farmers who specialise in lamb production. We only source Dorper or 2nd cross lambs that have been finished on quality improved pastures. As a result, seasonal rains dictate where we source our lamb from. The farmers that we purchase from have been known to our family for years. We have chosen them to supply us because of their sustainable farming practices and their ethics in animal welfare.

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Our Free Range Chickens

Our Free Range Chickens are accredited by Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia (FREPA). Free Range Chickens, once fully feathered (normally around 3 weeks old), can leave their barns and access a fenced outdoor range, during daylight hours. Whilst many chickens are content with the comforts of the barn, during an average day a portion of the chickens will venture outside and will return to the barn at their leisure. All Free Range Farms provide chickens with access to large grassed range areas where birds are able to forage and exhibit their natural behavioural traits. Various conditions, including weather, can affect if and how many chickens choose to access the range and how long they stay outside. All of the chickens return to the barn at night to protect them from predators and the elements.

Our Free Range Chickens are anti-biotic free, hormone free, and are processed without the addition of chemicals.

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