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Free Range Poultry

Our Free Range Chickens are sourced from farms which are accredited by Free Range Egg & Poultry Australia (FREPA).Our Free Range chickens are anti-biotic free, hormone free, and are processed without the addition of chemicals. You can read more about our Free Range Chicken here

Chicken Breast

AUD $21.99

Premium Free Range Skinless Chicken Breast Price per kilo $21.99 An average package is 1 kilo and contains 4 Chicken Breast Fillets Try these recipe for Mango Chicken with Feta & Bacon Moroccan Chicken  Chicken Breast, Hokkien...

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Chicken Thighs

AUD $19.99

Premium Free Range Chicken Thigh Price per kilo $19.99 An average package is 1 kilo and contains 6 - 8 Chicken Thigh Fillets   Try these recipes for : Spiced Chicken Kebabs Butter Chicken Chicken Stock Paste Satay Sauce for Satay...

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Whole Chicken

AUD $17.25

Premium Free Range Whole Chicken Price per kilo $11.50 An average Whole Chicken weighs 1.5 kilos  Check out our recipes: Cooking tips for Perfect Roast Chicken Slow Cooked Lemon & Rosemary Whole Chicken Whole Roasted Orange...

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Chicken Frames

AUD $6.00

Premium Free Range Chicken Frames Perfect for making Chicken Stock Price per pack $6.00 An average package includes 2 frames Click here for a recipe on how to make your own Chicken Stock If you haven’t tried making your own Stock before,...

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Chicken Liver

AUD $4.50

Free Range Chicken Livers Supplied in .500kg bag Chicken Livers are Freshly Frozen each week and supplied to you as a Frozen Product Price per Kilo $9.00 Livers add so many nutrients to your dish so how about trying one of these recipes: Chicken...

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