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We're delighted to offer a range of smoked goods that we produce in our very smokehouse. All our range uses our own Pasture Fed Pork with minimal preservatives and fresh herbs. As natural as possible with the great flavour of a free range product.

Sliced Ham

AUD $10.00

Free Range Pasture Fed Sliced Ham Price per kilo $49.99 Average portion is 200gms Our Pasture Fed Free Range Whole Hams were Awarded a Silver Medal at the 2014, 2015, 2022 & 2023 Fine Food Awards as well as a Bronze Medal at the...

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Smokey Bacon

AUD $12.50

Free Range Pasture Fed Pork Cooked in our own smokehouse On average 8-10 Rashers per pack Award Winning Smokey Bacon Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards: 2015 Bronze Medal 2016 Silver Medal 2017 Silver Medal 2022 Silver...

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