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Weekly Specials

These are our best buys of the week

The Meat Box

AUD $166.45 AUD $129.99

With so many of us leading busy lives, sometimes we just need a helping hand to make a quick decision.  To help you out, we have put together items from our Best Sellers range so that within just a few clicks you can have over 6kgs...

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Best Sellers Box

AUD $111.99 AUD $99.99

Having delivered 1000's of home delivery orders in the past 10+ years across Sydney and the Central Coast there's a handful of items that every order contains, so to make things easy we have combined them in to one easy click to order, this is...

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Beef Minute Steaks

AUD $14.99 AUD $9.99

Let come to room temp, short cook, and same, or longer uncovered rest period. Acceptably tender when cooked right. Boot soles if cooked fractionaly slow, or for half a second too long.  Grass Fed Beef Great for steak sandwiches Best cooked on...

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Beef Mince - 2kg

AUD $57.99 AUD $40.00

Grass Fed Beef Premium low fat mince Your 2kg will be packaged in 4 portions of 500g each Tired of your standard mince recipes?   Try our Recipes for: Beef Kofta with Cous Cous Shepherds Pie Beef Burgers with Avocado Salsa More-ish...

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Lamb Rack

AUD $30.99

Pasture Fed Lamb Premium Lamb Roast Try this quick and easy recipe for our Roasted Lamb Racks The rack is prepared from a side of lamb by the removal of the forequarter with a straight vertical cut along the specified rib bone and a horizontal...

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Chicken Breast - 2kg

AUD $49.99 AUD $44.99

Premium Free Range Skinless Chicken Breast An average package is 1 kilo and contains 3-4 chicken breast fillets Try these recipe for Mango Chicken with Feta & Bacon Moroccan Chicken  Chicken Breast, Hokkien Noodle Stirfry Chicken...

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Chicken Thighs - 2kg

AUD $51.98 AUD $45.99

Premium Free Range Chicken Thigh Fillets An average package is 1 kilo and contains 6 - 8 Chicken Thigh Fillets    Try these recipes for : Butter Chicken Chicken Stock Paste Satay Sauce for Satay Chicken Chipotle Chicken in Slow...

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