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Peter Redden


The Redden Family, Coonabarabran NSW

Pasture Fed Lamb & Beef

Situated in the Central West of NSW, 26km East of Coonabarabran, our stud is operated on 7000 acres across adjoining properties ‘Naparoo’, ‘Ringwood’ and ‘Kurrajong Vale’. The properties have a combination of red and black soils with an annual rainfall of 685mm (27 inches). 

Peter and Debbie Redden started Naparoo Partnership back in 1990 and it has grown into the mixed farming operation it is today. 

Naparoo Australia Whites provide high quality ‘Aussie Whites’ to commercial and seedstock producers which suit Australian conditions and market demands. Seeing firsthand the breed’s ability to produce fast growing heavy lambs across all types of conditions along with their low maintenance was the major driver in the founding of our stud. 

Naparoo Aussie Whites mission is to be a true paddock to plate operation. All our lambs are hand selected straight off lucerne pastures. Lambs are weighed then trucked direct from farm to be processed locally at Binnaway Abattoir. We then deliver direct to our customers days later. True paddock to plate with full traceability from farm to fork.