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Lachlan Graham

Lachlan Graham, Harden NSW - Grass Fed Beef Farmer

Lachlan Graham, Harden NSW

Grass Fed Beef Farmer

Lachlan and Andrina Graham of “Argyle Pastoral” run a fourth generation family farming business est 1938. Argyle Pastoral operates a large scale mixed farming enterprise on the fertile South West Slopes of New South Wales, with a historic Angus stud and commercial breeding and fattening herd.

The cattle run on the Argyle Pastoral property are from one of the oldest genetic lines of Angus in Australia. The high standard approach that the Graham family have taken to producing cattle and sheep has resulted in the numerous awards including Australian Farmer of the Year 2013.

The NSW South West Slopes not only has excellent rainfall it also has vastly fertile farming land. Our cattle and sheep have perfect grazing pastures with free flowing water. In addition, our Farms are located close in proximity to the Abattoir providing stress free cattle and sheep enabling consistency at every stage of the process. Our conservative and sustainable approach over the past 20 years has seen vast improvements in moisture retention, tree plantings, erosion, catchment management, soil structure and pasture improvement.

The benefits of the above improvements are clearly evident in our livestock's performance and hence the quality of our grass fed beef.