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Whole Chicken

(28 reviews)
AUD $19.50
1.50 KGS
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  • Great quality and flavour

    Posted by Gideon on 27th Apr 2023

    Good bye supermarket meat

  • Whole chicken. Best chicken!

    Posted by Alexandria on 21st Jul 2022

    I make my own bone broth, so used the carcasses once the protein had been consumed. I can't even begin to tell you the difference it made to my broth using these chickens, instead of chickens from a big supermarket.

    I know it sounds stupid, but my broth actually tasted and smelled like chicken! Which meant all the meals I made with the broth tasted amazing.

    Yesterday I made a broth using supermarket carcasses. The first since my last batch was used up, and I can't tell you how disappointed I am with the lack of chicken taste and smell.

  • Whole chicken

    Posted by Anne Tran on 30th Mar 2022

    We have ordered chicken since the Sydney lockdown in 2020 and love it (and order products) so much we wouldn’t buy chicken anywhere else.

  • Whole Chicken

    Posted by Bronwen Sidaway on 5th Jan 2022

    Plump, tender and moist chicken. Carcass made beautiful stock. Couldn't bear to waste any of it!

  • Fabulously tender chicken

    Posted by Vicki on 3rd Nov 2020

    We firmly believe in the "one bad day" practice of rearing animals for meat, and it shines through in products like this. The meat is unbelievably tender, and you can taste that the chicken led a happy life. This product is great value too. Definitely a family favourite.

  • Best ever

    Posted by Gai Holley on 23rd Sep 2020

    Seriously not your average chicken. I butterfly my chickens to roast but I was struck by how delicious this particular chicken was. Crispy skin, succulent meat, beautiful flavour. The best I can remember in recent past.

  • Whole Chicken

    Posted by Siham Owen on 16th Sep 2020

    The whole chicken is by far the best I've ever had quality 10 out of 10

  • Chicken Soup - Best Yet

    Posted by Jeremy Garling on 9th Sep 2020

    Used in my chicken soup, didn't last long as it was so moorish.

  • Whole Chicken

    Posted by Jefferson Tactacan on 26th Aug 2020

    Excellent meat. Not smelly unlike the ones that are being sold in local buthcers. All natural Free range chicken.

  • The moist Chicken

    Posted by Maggie on 7th Aug 2020


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