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Beef Tomahawk Steak

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AUD $43.95
1.10 KGS
Price per Kilo:

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  • Grass Fed Beef
  • Extra large, premium, bone in, steak.
  • An average package contains one tomahawk (Rib Cutlet) steak
  • Best quickly seared on the BBQ or Hot Pan then finished in the oven for an even cook throughout

Remove from cryovac packaging and let the meat come to room temperature then quickly sear the beef on all sides on a hot grill then turn your BBQ to low heat, or off for rare. Close the lid having placed the steak on the resting rack or away from the direct heat.

For best results pull the steak off when the internal temperature reaches 45-50deg for rare to medium, Rest for approx 10 mins on a plate under loosely covered foil for a final internal temp of 50-60deg or your preferred liking.

  • Rib cutlets are prepared by taking a standing rib roast and slicing it into steaks. The retention of the bone identifies it as a rib cutlet, when removed from the bone the steak becomes a scotch fillet. Like a scotch fillet, rib cutlets are taken from an area of the animal that hasn’t done the heavy moving, thus increasing tenderness. Leaving the bone in imparts extra juiciness and flavour.

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  • Amazing...

    Posted by Aaron on 19th Mar 2024

    Slow cooked in the smoker for an hour and a half and then seared both sides on the hot plate, this was easily one of the best cuts of meat I have cooked. Considering how much you would pay for this at a restaurant, its also great value!

  • Tomahawk steak

    Posted by Antonino Bellia on 14th Feb 2021

    Fantastic service and delivery.
    Most importantly great cut of beef.
    The boys enjoyed the steak

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