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Beef Hind Quarter - DEPOSIT

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AUD $200.00
40.00 KGS

When Purchasing the Beef Hindquarter Pack today you are paying a $200.00 Deposit, once we weigh the Hindquarter we will calculate the final price and advise of the balance owing.

Our Grass Fed and Finished Hindquarters weigh around 60kg and will yield you approx 40kg take home product. So the final cost of the Hindquarter will be for example $13.00/kg x 60kg = $780.00

All other items purchased with this Pack will be delivered at the same time (No Split Deliveries)

Our skilled team of Butchers will pack and label your Beef in Cryovac Packaging

Please allow up to 14 days for us to receive your order, cut and pack it to your special requirements. Once completed you will receive a phone call to arrange delivery.

Please use the check boxes above to select how you would like us the cut and prepare your Beef. 

In the basic cut you will receive approx 4kg of Premium Mince and 5kg of Gluten Free Thick Sausages. If you choose to add Mince from the Round you will add approx 3kg, Topside 4kg and Silverside 6kg. Adding these Mince options will also increase your Sausage numbers.

We Deliver across Sydney, The Central Coast and The Blue Mountains every Saturday Morning

Click here to see the Beef Cut Chart

Take a look at the following Videos on our Hindquarters of Beef:

3 Facts about the Beef Hindquarter:

Cuts from the beef hindquarter are predominately used for slow cooking or preparing as sausages or mince. 

From the Beef Hindquarter you get Silverside (Corned Beef), Topside, and Flank Steak, as well as Marrow Bones for making wonderful Stock and Bone Broth.
The outside layer of the Flank portion is referred to as "bark"!

3 *MORE* Facts about the Beef Hindquarter

Following on from Part 1, the cuts found as we move further along the Beef Hindquarter are some of the very best and include: Whole Eye Fillet, Tenderloin, T-Bone, New York (aka Sirloin and Porterhouse), Rump, and Rib Cutlet.
Suet, a critical ingredient for the perfect Christmas Pudding, is the yellow fat surrounding the kidneys.
An average body of beef weighs around 220kg, with only about 1.0 to 1.5kg of Eye Fillet on each hindquarter, so no more than 3kgs on each body of beef! No wonder it's such a sought after, and often hard to get, item!

3 *FINAL* Facts about the Beef Hindquarter

In this final section of the Hindquarter, the Leg, you'll find the following cuts; Silverside (Corned Beef) Topside, Lean Diced, Gravy Beef, Osso Bucco and Tenderloin.
Osso Bucco is Italian for "bone with a hole" (osso = bone, buco = hole), a reference to the marrow hole at the centre of the cross-cut shank.
The more a muscle is used the longer it needs to be cooked for. For example, Gravy Beef that comes from the leg section needs to be cooked for 6-8 hours (with moisture). By contrast, the fillet muscle which has minimal use only requires a shorting cooking time.

Click here for Cooking Tips and Meal Inspiration on how to cook cuts from your Hindquarter

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