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Sausages, BBQ & Ready Made Meals


Lamb Kofta

AUD $15.00

Made with Pasture Fed Lamb Each package contains approx 8 Skewers Gluten free Ingredients Pasture-Fed Lamb Spanish Onion Fresh Garlic Fresh Coriander  Cumin Ground Coriander Sweet Paprika Ground Cinamon Sea Salt Ground Black...

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Chicken Schnitzel

AUD $16.80

Free Range Chicken Breast Schnitzel   Ingredients: Free Range Chicken Breast Crumbs (WHEAT Flour, Water, Yeast, Maize Starch, Vinegar, OAT Fibre, iodised Salt, Canola Oil, RYE Meal, WHEAT Fibre, WHEAT Gluten, Acacia Gum, SOY Flour, RYE Flour,...

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