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Butchery & Preparation

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MAN MEATS FOOD Series: Free Range, Pasture Fed Pork Forequarter

In this first video about our Pasture Fed, Free Range Pork learn about the Forequarter of the pig and the various cuts that are prepared from this section.

(length: 3:12)

MAN MEATS FOOD Series: Making of our Preservative & Gluten Free Beef Sausages

In our latest video in this Man Meats Food series, we show you how our butchers make our very popular Preservative & Gluten Free Beef Sausages. 

(length: 1:21)

MAN MEATS FOOD Series: Beef Rump and Loin

In this video from our Man Meats Food series, we take a look at our Dry Aged, Grass Fed Beef - specifically the Rump and Loin Cuts. 

(length: 1:21)

MAN MEATS FOOD Series: Lamb Leg

In the final part of this series on our Pasture Fed Lamb we look at the Lamb Leg, which has cuts suitable for both BBQing and cooking in the oven.

(length: 2:27)

MAN MEATS FOOD Series: Lamb Middle

In part 2 of this series on our Pasture Fed Lamb we look at the Lamb Middle, which has some of the very best cuts like the Backstrap and Rack of Lamb.

(length: 1:38)

MAN MEATS FOOD Series: Lamb Forequarter 

In this Behind The Scenes video, watch Founder and Director of The Free Range Butcher, Ben Clinch, walk through the Lamb Forequarter; the cuts that come from this section of the lamb and how best to prepare and cook it.

(length: 1:26)

Preparation of a Standing Rib Roast

Take an exclusive Behind the Scenes look at how we prepare our 28 Day Dry Aged, Grass Fed Beef Standing Rib Roast. 



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Introduction to Peter and Trish Clinch

Peter and Trish Clinch own a 3000 acre property at Barraba in North West NSW. They are also Ben's Mum and Dad. In this video they talk about how they came to live on the land.
(length: 4:12)

Peter and Trish Clinch - Part 2

More information and insight in to the family farm at Barraba.
(length: 4:23)

Peter and Trish Clinch - Part 3 

Pete describes how they go about producing and weaning their Free Range Pigs.
(length: 6:41)
Introduction to Jack Hewitt of Oakleigh Pasture Pork

Ben made the trip to Gunnedah recently to have a backyard chat with Jack Hewitt of Oakleigh Pasture Pork and find out how and why he chose to become a Free Range Pig farmer.
(length: 1:37)
Typical Day at Oakleigh Pasture Pork

Well it seems that our Facebook fans enjoyed Ben's chat with Jack from Oakleigh Pasture Pork so here they are again having a chat about a typical day on the farm (if there is such a thing!).
(length: 1:48)
Breeds of Heritage Pigs produced at Oakleigh Pasture Pork

More of our interview series with Jack Hewitt of Oakleigh Pasture Pork - this time talking about the heritage breeds of pigs that he chooses to produce.
(length: 1:20)
The Maternity Suite at Oakleigh Pasture Pork

How to know a producer really cares about his animals? He refers to their farrowing shelters and paddock as the "Maternity Suite". This is a beautiful video about the free range pigs at Oakleigh Pasture Pork.
(length: 2:23)


Transitioning Pigs from Weaners to Growers
Ben talks with Jack at Oakleigh Pasture Pork about the process of moving the pigs from the weaning paddocks to the growing paddocks. 
(length: 1:43)
Maremma Dogs 
Ben talks with Moo Hewitt about their beautiful Maremma dogs and the role they play on the farm. 
(length: 1:30)




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Crusty Pork Cutlets

A video recipe for making delicious Crusty Pork Cutlets. (length: 0:30) 

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