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Woolpack Recyclable Packaging

Just as we are committed to working with local farmers for the best grass fed products, we are also committed to using the best solution for packaging our products for home delivery.

We are really excited to introduce a new solution for packaging of our products - Woolpack.

What is Woolpack?

Woolpack is an amazing natural product. This award-winning packaging is entirely eco-friendly and insulated, with a "back to basics" principle that is rangebox.jpgperfectly aligned to our company ethos. Made from 100% natural sheeps wool, its insulation capabilities and performance are far superior to polystyrene, ensuring that your food is delivered to your doorstep in the same fresh, premium state in which it was dispatched.

What are Woolpack's environmental credentials?

  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable
  • Sustainable

What is Woolpack made of?

Woolpack is made from 100% biodegradable and compostable felted sheep’s wool, sealed within a recyclable food grade polyethylene liner. This wool is actually “waste wool” from the wool mills so it has the added benefit of helping to reduce landfill.

How is Woolpack made?

Woolpack is made up of a complex blend of different wool fibres to give the wool optimum insulation properties. After the wool is sourced, it is naturally washed, scoured and felted to make the insulation material to the required thickness. This wool is then cut to size and sealed with the recyclable polyethylene food grade film.

How does Woolpack keep contents cool and safe?

The chosen wool fibres are incredibly effective at absorbing moisture from the air. This minimises humidity and condensation to maintain stable temperatures. The recyclable food grade film which enclose the wool in the Woolpack product is micro-perforated to allow the fibres to breath and create the natural cooling system. When used with ice packs to establish the required cool temperatures for packing food, Woolpack insulation has been proven to keep contents packed at 1 degree Celsius, chilled below 5 degrees Celsius for at least 24 hours.

Is Woolpack hygienic?

The natural washing and scouring process that is used ensures the Woolpack is sterilised. In fact, after processing, the wool smells like a cuddly, new, pure wool jumper! Wrapping and sealing it inside a recyclable, food grade polyethylene film prevents the fibres coming into direct contact with your food. There is absolutely no danger that Woolpack will make your food smell or taint any products in your box.

What do I do with the Woolpack after I've unpacked my goods?

As mentioned above, Woolpack is 100% compostable, so if you have a compost heap, throw it straight in. Alternatively, there are loads of other great uses:

  • Draught excluders
  • Roof insulation
  • Pipe lagging 
  • Garden kneeling pad
  • Rose feed (they love it!)
  • Liner for hanging baskets
  • Pet baskets
  • Dog kennels
  • Kitty litter
  • Cushion stuffing
  • Wadding for quilting
  • Shopping bag liners
  • Picnic hamper/bag liners
  • Stop outdoor taps freezing
  • Protect fruit trees from frost
  • Keep takeaways hot
  • Wrapping of sensitive gifts 
  • Padding for postage
  • Padding for removal boxes
  • Wrapping your ferments in Winter