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Farm System

Our farm is managed using a Whole Farm system. Holistic farm management looks at the farm as a whole, works with natural processes and looks to ‘mimic’ nature. Using this system we rest paddocks and allow them to rejuvenate and seed for the following seasons. Ground cover, soil health and carbon storage are all major benefits of this system as is the reduction of erosion areas on our farm. Stocking rate is now thought of as carrying capacity and we now carry less numbers on average but can carry more stock through the harder times, without negative impacts on our ecosystems.


Since purchasing our farm 'Blue Hills' in 1983 our family has subdivided all the larger areas, we have put water troughs in nearly all paddocks, fenced off water courses and erosion areas or those prone to erosion, and are following plans to facilitate regeneration. We have planted, and continue to plant, trees each year as habitats for bird and wildlife and protection for our stock, and we promote native grasses and vegetation throughout the property.

Soil health is paramount and the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides are restricted; these are only used when considered within our decision making frame work.