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Spice Vine - Mirch Masala

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Mirch Masala - A highly versatile blend of fiery dry red chillies, vinegar & roasted spices; sure to awaken the senses! - (Hot)

A full flavoured marinade with a sharp hit of chilli balanced beautifully with tangy vinegar and a sweet burst of fennel seeds.  A favourite among lovers of spicy food, it is used as a marinade, condiment as well as an ingredient in recipes.

  • Marinate seafood, chicken, meat, aubergine or spread on bread with hummus; as a delicious snack. 
  • Mix with mayonnaise or yogurt & spread on your favourite sandwich, wrap or burger for added bite.

Gold Medal, Royal Melbourne Fine Food awards-2015

Gold Medal, Hobart Fine Food awards-2014

Bronze Medal, Sydney Royal Fine Food Show-2013 & 2016

Ingredients: Red chili (Fresh & Dry), Extra Virgin Olive oil, Vinegar, Tomato paste, Spices, Raw sugar, Garlic, Sea salt

Serving: - 180g pouch is sufficient for 1.5-2kg meat/poultry/seafood/veg (approx. 8 serves).


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