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Organic Whole Turkey 4.50kg

(10 reviews)
AUD $159.99
4.50 KGS
Price per Kilo:
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23rd & 24th December
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24th December
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24th December
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24th December
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 All our Turkeys are Free Range and Organic and supplied by GreenAg. 



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  • Christmas turkey

    Posted by David Henderson on 22nd Feb 2022

    Truely the very best Turkey we have tasted in a long time. Succulent , tender, flavoursome would be our summary .Top quality fair price professional and friendly team to completes the experience.

  • Organic whole turkey

    Posted by Bronwen Sidaway on 5th Jan 2022

    Delicious but we really did not need an organic turkey. I think I was the only one who appreciated it!

  • Christmas Turkey

    Posted by Janet Hamer on 4th Jan 2022

    DELICIOUS! I think I need to practice more. Brining is a must and probably the hardest part of the process. Julie’s apricot stuffing was delicious and that was using gluten free bread! I would have liked to have seen result if I layered bacon over the top of the Turkey as suggested, but with Christmas morning antics, I simply forgot! Highly recommend Free Range Butcher!


    Posted by Anthea Donaldson on 6th Jan 2021

    This was the best turkey I have ever cooked! I followed the instructions to brine and cook it. Made my own stuffing. Not only was the turkey moist and flavoursome, but the gravy was sublime! All I needed to do was thicken the juices that came out and add a little stock. The free range butcher turkeys are the only ones I will buy!

  • Turkey

    Posted by Maryanne on 6th Jan 2021

    This was my first order from the Free Range Butcher and they did not disappoint. The service from the first call to the delivery was exceptional and the Turkey was delicious!

  • Two Perfect Turkeys

    Posted by Catherine on 8th Jan 2018

    Once again the Free Range Butcher have sourced excellent birds for our Christmas tables (one for Christmas Eve and another for Christmas Day), which meant we had lots of yummy leftovers.
    We took the plunge this year and used the suggested brining method for extra moistness - what a winner! Even had a container and fridge space so we didn't need to worry about topping up with ice.
    Had to leave the basting on both occasions in the charge of husband and sons, they are the champions. They even decided to use some husband-made apricot jam for a last minute glaze, super golden skin was the result - an absolute winner on the table. Have also given up carving before hand and just carve at the table onto people's plates, too easy.
    Looking forward to another Easter Sunday turkey, makes it another special family celebration.
    Thanks again to the team for working so hard for us all every Christmas and throughout the year.

  • superb as always!

    Posted by Larissa on 1st Jan 2018

    Delicious succulent turkey as always. It was completely devoured at the dinner table not a left over is sight.
    Thanks you for going above and beyond to ensure it was delivered on time.

  • Delicious

    Posted by Scilla on 1st Jan 2018

    Succulent, tasty and just the right size. Used Delia Smith's recipe for cooking turkey which works well for me. Stuffed with pork and sage stuffing and chestnut stuffing.
    Full of flavour.

  • Delicious

    Posted by Richard Parrott on 4th Jan 2017

    Delivered as promised. Well packed. Excellent quality. Excellent flavour.

  • The best!

    Posted by Scilla on 29th Dec 2014

    A large bird (nearly 6kgs). On Christmas morning stuffed with homemade force met stuffing the chestnut stuffing. Used Delia Smith's method, wrapping the bird in foil until 30 minutes before end of cooking time, then allowing 30 minutes to rest. A succulent bird, with moist flesh it fed 15 people so well that the anticipated left overs were very modest. What is now left will be turned into stock. These are the tastiest and best turkeys we have ever had and leave the frozen supermarket product for dead.

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