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On Farm Initiatives

The cornerstone of our farming philosophy is soil health. We believe the soil must first be soilhealth.jpghealthy to be able to produce quality pastures, rich in minerals, which allow our stock to grow to their full potential naturally.

With this philosophy in mind, we have adopted the following initiatives:

  • introduced legumes in to our native pastures to increase soil quality;
  • elected to graze at a higher stock density for a shorter period to realise a natural fertilisation by using the animals; this along with the soil disturbance helps promote root activity, followed by long periods of rest to encourage grass growth;
  • fenced off regeneration areas in steep gullies and land susceptible to erosion, to minimise animal impact on these already fragile environments;
  • maintained a greater grass coverage at all times, lessening the likelihood of erosion from weather and stock and slowing the water path of rain during wet periods. 
  • divided the original number of paddocks and now have triple the number, allowing us to graze our stock on high paddock rotations and rest our land longer; helping to break the cycle of worms and parasites;
  • continued to plant native trees that double as stock protection and nature corridors for birds and wildlife; 
  • protected our water courses, planted trees and introduced native water grasses to hold water on our property longer and naturally increase the water table; and
  • established water troughs in dam areas to reduce damage to the dam itself; encouraging birdlife and native animals to water at these sources.