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Matt Pearce

Matt Pearce, Canowindra NSW - Pasture Fed Lamb

Matthew Pearce, Canowindra NSW

Pasture Fed Lamb Farmer

Matthew and Tamara Pearce along with their children farm in the central west of NSW near Canowindra, grazing cattle and sheep producing Angus beef and Prime lamb.

With an emphasis on maintaining ground cover and increasing soil microbial activity, allowing natures natural cycling of water and minerals to improve soil and pastures, we are able to produce a quality product.  

Our First Cross Ewes are crossed with a traditional Poll Dorset ram to produce a Second X Lamb enjoyed by millions of Australians. Sheep eat a diversity of grasses allowing them to select what is needed themselves.

We use low stress stock handling techniques, with stock moves on horseback particularly enjoyed by the family. As our system improved we noticed less lambing difficulties and calmer livestock.   

We graze using the holistic grazing principles, intensive short grazes followed by a long recovery to allow plants to replenish their root reserves naturally before being grazed again.

Unfortunately for my wife, after cooking a beautiful lamb roast, our children thank me for dinner because they know how much effort I put into raising that lamb.