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Christmas in July



HAM - These Hams have been sourced from our own Free Range, Pasture Fed Pig herd, direct from our farm and those supplied to us by other Free Range Pig Farmers we know. Smoked in-house to our own recipe, our award winning Hams have a reputation for quality. 

PORK - If your family has a tradition of a Pork Roast at Christmas (mmm... crackling...) we can help you there too. All our Free Range, Pasture Fed Pork products are sourced from our own farm, or other farmers we know

TURKEY - We have a very LIMITED number of Free Range Turkeys supplied by Leadoux Turkeys

Whole Leg of Lamb

AUD $68.87

Pasture Fed Lamb A Roast Leg of Lamb is great for a family roast Best slow cooked to medium rare Price per kilo $25.99 Average leg of lamb is 2.65 kilos The leg is prepared by the removal of the chump by a right angle cut at the back of...

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Whole Chicken

AUD $17.98

Premium Free Range Whole Chicken Price per kilo $11.98 An average Whole Chicken weighs 1.5 kilos  Check out our recipes: Cooking tips for Perfect Roast Chicken Slow Cooked Lemon & Rosemary Whole Chicken Whole Roasted Orange...

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