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Beef Rump Steak Dry Aged

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  • 28 Day Dry Aged Grass Fed Beef
  • Great Family Steaks
  • Best cooked on the BBQ or pan fried
  • An average 550g package contains 1 Rump Steak
  • The lean centre muscle of the rump, this steak is best suited to quick cooking on a hot barbecue or pan. For best results, do not cut more than 1.5cm thick and do not cook more than medium-rare. Given its tender nature it can also be thinly sliced into strips to stir-fry. 
  • Just as wine or cheese can mature with age, beef also can be improved with time. Ageing is a process that occurs as the muscle fibres in meat are slowly broken down. Naturally occurring enzymes continue to act in the meat resulting in a slow breakdown of the proteins that make up the muscle fibres. This leads to the muscle fibres being weakened and, as a result, aged beef tends to be more tender. The appearance of beef does not change with ageing, as the breaking down of the muscle fibres happens on a microscopic level.
  • The appearance of beef does not change with ageing, as the breaking down of the muscle fibres happens on a microscopic level.The process of dry aging meat involves drying and dehydrating beef in a controlled environment. Higher grades of meat are used as the process requires meat with a large, evenly distributed fat content. The meat is hung in a controlled, closely watched, refrigerated environment. The temperature needs to stay at a constant 0 degrees and the humidity must be at 85 per cent. Too warm the meat will spoil and too cool the meat will freeze, stopping the aging process.   There must also be constant air flow around the meat to control bacteria. The last requirement in the process, and most importantly, is a very experienced butcher to keep an eye on the aging meat.
  • In the first 14-20 days, enzymes that naturally occur in the beef break down the protein and fat strands, making them smaller, this helps with tenderness. They also give off gas as a by-product which improves flavour. The beef then sits quietly and dehydrates. This has the effect of concentrating the flavours and creating the great taste. It also makes the meat denser giving it a wonderful richness and intensity. Dry Aged meat can be aged anywhere from 20 days to 120 or more. At The Free Range Butcher our beef is dry aged to 28 days.
  • When cooking dry aged beef the key is not overcook it. The meat shouldn’t be cooked to more than medium-rare, and don’t rest it too long: there is little juice in the steak and it will dry out.

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  • Rump

    Posted by Leonie Fegan on 5th Apr 2020

    Best rump steak we have ever had. So tender and amazing flavour.

  • Soft, juicy and delicious

    Posted by Heather Veitch on 20th Sep 2017

    This steak was just great - shared between my husband and I. We planned for the kids to have sausages, but they kept nabbing bits of my steak too :)

  • We love this steak

    Posted by Kym on 22nd Jun 2017

    I've purchased this steak quite a lot and we love it. You can't go wrong with this steak. It's versatile but I mainly fry it in a bit of butter. Very tender and full of flavour.

  • Beautiful

    Posted by HM on 5th Jun 2015

    Using half the home made stock (using the Free Range Butcher's beautiful beef soup bones) added some sliced beef rump steak, finely chopped carrots, broccoli, one ripe chopped tomato and yesterdays left over boiled potatoes and chives, (admit to adding a tiny bit of salt/ or you can add a cup or two of Cambpells low salt beef stock to add more salty flavour) cook on low heat for half an hour or till beef melts in your mouth, add risoni, rice or fine noodles and enjoy. Ok... I admit to chopping off a bit of rump steak for my lunch and fried it with a little butter, pepper and extra virgin olive oil and enjoyed with a few mushrooms in parsley and beetroot - sooo good!

  • Great product

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2013

    Beautiful meat. We don't order steak when eating out at restaurants anymore as we find we're always disappointed compared to this!

  • Found you by accident

    Posted by Val Young, Hornsby Heights on 1st Jul 2012

    Walking through Hornsby Mall, mildly curious about what was available - and spotted your blue stall. First purchase was 2 packs of rump. We cooked them the next day and we are hugely impressed. The flavour of your beef is outstanding and these rump steaks were among the most tender steaks we've ever had. They cooked up beautifully on the bbq. I will be back on Thursday to try more!

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