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Beef Rib Cutlet Dry Aged

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AUD $29.99
0.40 KGS
Price per Kilo:
  • 28 Day Dry Aged Grass Fed Beef
  • Extra large, premium, bone in, steak.
  • An average package contains one cutlet
  • Just as wine or cheese can mature with age, beef also can be improved with time. Ageing is a process that occurs as the muscle fibres in meat are slowly broken down. Naturally occurring enzymes continue to act in the meat resulting in a slow breakdown of the proteins that make up the muscle fibres. This leads to the muscle fibres being weakened and, as a result, aged beef tends to be more tender.
  • The appearance of beef does not change with ageing, as the breaking down of the muscle fibres happens on a microscopic level.The process of dry aging meat involves drying and dehydrating beef in a controlled environment. Higher grades of meat are used as the process requires meat with a large, evenly distributed fat content. The meat is hung in a controlled, closely watched, refrigerated environment. The temperature needs to stay at a constant 0 degrees and the humidity must be at 85 per cent. Too warm the meat will spoil and too cool the meat will freeze, stopping the aging process.   There must also be constant air flow around the meat to control bacteria. The last requirement in the process, and most importantly, is a very experienced butcher to keep an eye on the aging meat.
  • In the first 14-20 days, enzymes that naturally occur in the beef break down the protein and fat strands, making them smaller, this helps with tenderness. They also give off gas as a by-product which improves flavour. The beef then sits quietly and dehydrates. This has the effect of concentrating the flavours and creating the great taste. It also makes the meat denser giving it a wonderful richness and intensity. Dry Aged meat can be aged anywhere from 20 days to 120 or more. At The Free Range Butcher our beef is dry aged to 28 days.
  • When cooking dry aged beef the key is not overcook it. The meat shouldn’t be cooked to more than medium-rare, and don’t rest it too long: there is little juice in the steak and it will dry out.

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  • Don't buy these anywhere else!

    Posted by Kylie on 11th Mar 2021

    Bought several of the dry aged beef rib cutlets for my husband's birthday lunch. We cooked them in the smoker and they were EXCEPTIONAL. Everyone was raving about the flavour and how tender they were. I wouldn't buy beef rib cutlets anywhere else.

  • Earthy and tender

    Posted by Dan on 19th Aug 2015

    A nice thick steak, this rib cutlet is absolutely delicious. I've seared with just a 10ml drizzle of a good quality cold pressed olive oil. The natural flavour of the meat is beautiful and earthy and the texture is tender.

  • Beef Rib Cutlet = Sensational

    Posted by Leona Mcleod on 26th Mar 2015

    Amazing and I managed to do it justice by pan searing to render the fat and brown the outside then in oven for 10mins (can you tell I have been watching MKR???) managed to serve it rare.

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